Newborn FAQ

The perfect time for a newborn session is before your baby finishes 21 days of life. At Moment To Eternity I work with babies any age, however the earlier the session is done the easier it is for the baby. Babies grow very fast and the sleepy, curly stage doesn’t last long. I don’t guarantee sleepy poses after 3 weeks of age, but it all depends on the baby! I have done successful newborn sessions with up to 60 days old babies, and even 3 month old can have a nice session sometimes, although at 3 month old I recommend you do a milestone session. Remember that you can always have a wrapped session at any point before 3 month of age. Baby will be getting wrap and prop change depending on the set up. 

Once you are on the schedule you may have any day you want. Preemies are treated a bit differently and depending on the case sometimes I shoot 10 days after the expected due date or after baby is released from the hospital. Every case if different so please call me to discuss.

It depends on which package you choose. Please see the packages for detailed information. The process of settling baby into a pose on a prop takes time and patience, and it's not something we can rush through. I attempt all poses: half wrapped, side laying, chin on hands, bum up, froggy and taco at every session, then we move and do 3-5 props like posing on a bed or bucket or basket, but I will never force a baby into a pose he/she does not want to do. Things like gas, circumcision, reflux, inability to latch and colic can change any plans we may have. Following the Prep Guide sent to you before the shoot will help prepare for a successful session.

While my goal is to create amazing photos of your new baby, baby and mom’s comfort is of prime importance. Babies have delicate specialized needs that require additional time. We will take breaks as needed to feed, burp and calm baby. I do not rush the session, I let baby take as many breaks as needed. Baby’s comfort and safety is my number one priority.

In order to get the most out of your newborn session, we will need baby to be in a nice deep sleep, so that I can perfect & change poses without disturbing baby. Getting baby into all those adorable poses you’ll love take a lot of time. Please expect the session to last between 2 to 4 hours.

I provide everything you will need for the portraits. My studio is filled with tons of props, blankets, hats, headbands. You just need to bring a pacifier, formula if you’re not breastfeeding, and a few clean diapers. It’s also worth preparing a nice outfit for yourself for the portraits with the parents. Items of special value are welcomed if there’s something you’d like to include.

YES! Safety is extremely important. Posing of the baby is performed with babys physiology in mind. I have an extensive training in newborn posing and a vast experience in newborn photography overall. I have been in business for 7+ years and most of it I was working with newborns. Hundreds of babies have been photographed by me! I take courses several times a year to keep up with new safety and esthetic guidelines. Many poses you can see on the website involve creative photoshop techniques. Please hire only trained professionals for your baby! Sanitizer is kept on hand at all times during the session. All blankets, hats are washed before every session and no softeners are used. The studio gets cleaned and air gets purified. I am wearing the mask at all times and your baby will be closely monitored for the duration of a session.

I recommend booking in the second — beginning of the third trimester. This will not only get you in the schedule and secure current pricing, but we also will have time to talk over and prepare unique set ups for your baby. If you would like a weekend appointment it is important to book early as Saturdays are booked fast.

Once you are sure you want a session with me, you send me your name and email so I can send you a contract. After we both agree on it and sign it, you will have to send a $50 deposit to secure your spot in my schedule. As I can not usually book you for the certain day (who knows when baby decides to come out :)) I just take limited amount of newborns a month. You contact me within 48 hours of baby's birth and then we set up a date within 21 days of his/her life. This is the most perfect time to take their pictures, while they are still fresh from the womb. Sometimes I can accommodate last minute requests though too, so do not hesitate to ask if you already had your precious baby.

I have tons of different props which you can choose beforehand or in studio! Beds, buckets, chairs, moons, buckets, stars, little toys, hats, bonnets, headbands, outfits, wooden/bamboo props, canvas backdrops, floor backdrops, floral backdrops etc. etc. Not all of my props are featured on Instagram. I ask parens questions to define their style/ color scheme, poses/props they like to professionally style their session. 

Lifestyle Newborn is done at your place. We focus on natural backgrounds, emotions and connection, and I use the window as a light source. I do bring props of your choice to the session like wraps and different hats/bears, bunnies and other toys, and 1 or 2 props where wrapped baby can be put like basket/bucket or bed. 

Why most people choose to come to the studio? Because magic is done here. If you want to have access to all the props during the session, if you like classic postcard newborn art, if you like classic posing like froggy, chin on hands, bum up etc. — here is where you will get all of it. You don't need to worry to clean your house, you don't need to prepare your house like heat the room, you don't have to worry if you have big enough windows. Because hey, you want to get pictures like you see in my feed, and lighting is something that can make the outcome differ greatly. The little changes in angle of lighting or the intensity of light is what is makes the picture perfect. 

Can we do posing at your place? We can. But I honestly do not recommend that. For additional information, please DM me.

Maternity Session FAQ

Maternity sessions are typically done between 29 and 36 weeks. The timing is different for everyone and I recommend that you don’t wait too late because you will never know when the baby will actually come.

It’s never too early to schedule your session. Sometimes I can accommodate last minute requests, but we recommend a 4-6 week notice. If you would like a weekend appointment it is important to book early as Saturdays are booked fast.

My studio provides fabrics for draping as well as lace robes and bodies.

Absolutely! The father of your child is welcome and encouraged to join. If you are bringing your child or children, please bring someone to help keep them occupied.

It is recommended that you bring:

  • Nude (skin color) strapless bra
  • Nude thong underwear

Not at all. All of our maternity sessions are customized and tailored to the wants and needs of each client. Some clients prefer clean and simple artistic nude photographs and wraps, while others prefer to be fully clothed.

We want you to feel beautiful and relaxed during your photography experience as well as to treasure your final images. Complete professional retouching is included in your session and you don’t have to worry about any imperfections such as blemishes, stretch marks and certain body contours. We specialize in the most comprehensive and detailed editing and will enhance and transform the image into a stunning work of art.

General FAQ

My home studio is conveniently located in Wheeling, IL.

In-studio sessions are done with professional lighting equipment so the time of the day does not matter. However, if you are scheduling a newborn session I recommend not to schedule in the evening since babies get fussy towards the end of the day.

Unedited and raw files are not considered the final product, therefore they are not for sale. You will have an option of buying all lightly corrected images from your gallery.

You will be sent a private online gallery to choose your favorite images for retouching about 1 week after your shoot. It typically takes 2-3 weeks for the images to be ready after you choose.

Absolutely. I offer stunning leather albums, different size prints in archival quality. I will personally design the album layout for you.

I accept Quick Pay, checks, cash and credit cards with 3% convenience fee.

The cake is not provided due to possible allergies but please feel free to reach out to me as I have great recommendations!

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My name is Irina and I am so glad you're visiting my little creative corner! I’m a maternity, newborn, child, and family photographer living in Wheeling, Illinois. I started my business roughly 5+ years ago and I have never looked back.

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